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Cloud Based School Management ERP Software

Teacher to Parent communication made easy

What is cloud based school management ERP software?

A cloud based digital platform which can manage the day-to-day school management operations in a smart way. The comprehensive features of school management software not only limited to reduce workload but simplify and automate the core school operations like

Academic Session
Fee Collection
Class Timetable
Exam Timetable
Data Seurity

School management can focus on other important pursuits which can increase the ROI of school.

NikAya ERP Software
NikAya ERP Software

Is a cloud based school ERP software secure?

Data security is the top-most factor of every school and keeping that in mind we had built NikAya.

A cloud-based software never compromise security. The core security features of a cloud-based school ERP solution are as follows

Event Logging
Centralized Database
Automatic Backup
Role Based Access
Data Encryption
Reduce Data Loss Threats
Broad Network Access
Integrated Security

A cloud-based school management software solution automates and simplify the tedious day-to-day school management operations without compromising data and other securities.

why school need nikaya mobile app

NikAya school management software solution includes

Nikaya web portal

School Admin

(Web Portal)

Nikaya mobile app for school admin

Admin Mobile App


Nikaya mobile app for school teacher

Teacher Mobile App


Nikaya mobile app for parent

Parent Mobile App


Why use NikAya school management software?

We at NikAya trust that when administrative operations are automated in a school, breakthroughs in progress are achieved.

School admin(s) are responsible for admission, fees, event, assessment, and many more tiresome activities along with keeping an eye on faculty and student activities, efficiency, and productivity.

Here NikAya comes in picture. By using NikAya school management software, school administrator(s) can automate the day-to-day school operations and can focus on other important tasks that will help a school to grow to a next level.

NikAya ERP Software


NikAya school software features

Front Office & Student Information

Student Admission Enquiry
Student Admission Enrolment
Student ID card (printing)
Standard set of Certificates (School Leaving, Bonafide)
School Annual Events Planner

NikAya school management erp software

Manage Human Resource

Staff attendance through mobile QR code scanning
Staff admission (non-teaching, teaching)
Staff ID card printing
Pay slip generation (optional)
Leave record

NikAya school software

All Academics

Assignment and Homework (Daily Update)
Student Attendance Management System
Feedbacks and reviews on Students
Result (Customized report card display & print)
Class Time-Table (display & print)
Activity / Event Time-Table
Examination Time-Table (display & print)

NikAya school management erp software

Fees Generation and Account

Fees Structure (Display Only)
Balance Fee payment through linking payment gateway
Fee receipt Printing
Push Alert

NikAya school software

Channels of Communication

EMAIL Notification
PUSH Notification
Communication Portal for Parents
Communication Portal for Teachers
School Annual Events Planner

NikAya school management erp software

Assignment Management

Teacher uploading Assignment, Notes, Exam paper
Students can view and upload the answers
Track students upload and pending assignment status
Track read status for every student
Personalized note/message for parent

Our Affordable Plans


Billed Yearly

24,999 + GST / Year

For Playgroup / Kindergarten
16 Basic Modules
Unlimited Users
One to one Online user training
Email & Phone support
Automatic Updates
Onboarding data & configuration


Billed Yearly

45,999 + GST / Year

For Primary Schools
21 Basic Modules
Unlimited Users
One to one Online user training
Email & Phone support
Automatic Updates
Onboarding data & configuration


Billed Yearly

85,999 + GST / Year

For Primary / Secondary Schools
21 Basic Modules + 8 Advance Modules
Unlimited Users
One to one Online user training
Email & Phone support
Automatic Updates
Onboarding data & configuration

Basic Modules for Starter (16)

Courses and Batches
Certificate Generator
Student Information
Human Resources
Branchwise Dashboards
Employee / Teacher Login
Student Attendance
Student Admission
Class Timetable
User Management
White Labelled Portal
School / Events Calendar
Report Center
ID Card Generator
Exam Timetable
Admin Report

Extra Basic Modules for Standard (5)

Fee Management
Attendance QR code
Employee Salary Slip
Annual Leave Planner
Event Reminder

Advance Modules (8)

Parent's Login Mobile App
Messaging Notifications
Student Assignment Management
Feedback / Testimony
Teacher login Mobile App
Examination Marks and Report Card Generation
White Labeled Mobile Apps (Android / iOS)